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TopOption is the binary option broker of the Markets Group. It is one of the few to have never been fined by the financial authorities, which is a feat! It just misses the first place with its position taking at 10 euros and a lower return than Interactive option and Web option

Topoption claims to be the number 1 binary option broker throughout Europe. Even if we cannot confirm this claim it is true that its service is excellent, which many traders have understood.

Top Option is a binary options broker located in Greece with a branch in Marseille. It is possible to easily obtain a telephone interview with an advisor following a callback request available directly on their website.

The information that follows is based on this interview. When choosing an online broker, there are a number of things to consider. The quality of the platform, services, bonuses, customer support and much more. With TopOption, all the ingredients are in place to trade binary options in the best possible conditions.

Minimum deposit / Maximum bonus

While other brokers generally require a deposit of €200, TopOption only requires half of this amount. A minimum deposit of €100 is required, which is accompanied by a 100% welcome bonus of up to €2,500 as a bonus. After that, it only costs €10 to take a position on the site. Remember that registration on TopOption is done directly online, without any downloading necessary.

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Training and demo account offered

TopOption is particularly appreciated by novice traders. This online binary options broker offers an easy-to-access service. Thanks to the TopOption Academy, novice traders can learn all the details of trading. Courses are provided in video format, as well as in ebook format. It covers the main basics of binary options trading, techniques, market analysis and tips on how to use trading tools. ToptOption then offers a demo account for a practical training course. New registrants can test trading under real conditions, but without risk.

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A good customer follow-up

After registering with TopOption, traders can get support at any time. The portal’s team of experts remains available in case of any doubt. Each trader is given individual support when making investments. In addition to videos and ebooks, TopOption offers free private lessons. Traders of all levels can thus invest with full knowledge of the facts.

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Assets and profitability

TopOption has a range of 180 assets to trade in binary options. All the most important currencies are on this list, as well as the largest international stocks such as those of Microsoft and Google. Commodities such as sugar, coffee as well as gold and oil are also included, as well as major indices such as Dax and Cac. Graphs are presented on TopOption to facilitate asset selection. In conventional binary options trading, the maximum gain is 85% and the return on loss is 30%. However, several features are available on the site to increase profits even more.

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Secure transactions

Compliant with the MiFID directive and regulated by the HCMC and the FSA, TopOption complies with the safety rules imposed at European level. Moreover, the broker was recognised by the AMF Banque de United Kingdom but its change of parent company requires a new registration with Regafi to insure traders. Compliance with MIFID places obligations on the broker with regard to traders’ funds as well as personal data.

Questions to the customer service of the broker Top Option

Customer service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

  • What are your main conditions?

The conditions are flexible and depend on the customer’s wishes. A financial expert can take care of the client provided that he has deposited at least 230 Euros in an account.

  • What are the minimum deposits?

The minimum deposit required is only 100 Euros at Top Option. 5 Euros for 60 second options and 10 Euros for classic binary options.

  • How many assets do you offer?

180 in total (currencies, equities, indices and commodities).

  • Do you offer bonuses for registrations or referrals?

Yes, for bonuses, if the initial deposit is 200 Euros the bonus will be 50 percent. If the deposit is 500 Euros, the bonus will be 500 percent. You will need to trade 5 times the total account value to withdraw the bonus, or 40 times the bonus value. For example, for a 200 USD account, you will need to reach 500 USD.

For sponsorships, if the new customer deposits between 100 and 149 USD, the sponsor will receive 35 USD, and 350 USD if the customer opens an account between 2000 and 10,000 USD.

  • What are the conditions to benefit from a demo account?

None, the demo account is free and is charged at 10,000 fictitious Euros.

  • Are withdrawals free of charge?

Yes, withdrawals are free and unrestricted. There is no minimum amount (go to the “Withdrawal Request” tab on the site).

  • Do you offer an application for smartphone or touch tablet?

There is no application available due to time difference problems, but the site is nevertheless suitable for Smartphones and tablets.

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