Forex, financial markets, CFD, broker, scalping are very fuzzy terms for you? Yet you would like to embark on the adventure of online trading? Discover our forex trading guide: tips, tricks, points to watch out for and presentations of strategies that give excellent results.

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What you will find in our forex guide

The world of the stock market is very complex. All the more so when you’re a layman. It is therefore essential to inform oneself beforehand in order to choose the broker that corresponds to our expectations in terms of performance and reliability. Our Forex guide will provide you with a number of keys that will help you make sustainable profits.

How to choose your forex broker ?

Our article: “Choosing the right broker: the important criteria” will tell you which criteria are essential to consider when choosing the web trading platform on which you are going to invest: reliability, customer service, features, brokerage fees, etc.

Focus on online regulation

Before embarking on the great bath of the financial markets, it is necessary to understand the rules and limits, including the regulation of online brokers. Deciphering its importance in the choice of an online broker

Platforms to avoid: the AMF’s black list

The Autorité des Marchés Financiers regulates the stock market activities of the French Stock Exchange. It is preferable to know which sites to avoid since they are not certified by the AMF. Presentation of the updated amf blacklist.

To better understand: definition of Forex trading

On this page we present you with a precise and relevant definition of Forex trading: its mechanisms, its stakes and its risks. An indispensable introduction to sustainable investments.

Our lexicon of important Forex terms

Online trading is full of specific terms that need to be mastered in order to evolve quickly while limiting the risk of financial losses. Find our Forex lexicon for a total understanding.

Succeeding in web trading: our forex strategies guide

Getting to grips with the basics and understanding the challenges of online trading are the first essential steps to give yourself a chance of lasting success for traders. Choosing an intermediary who provides maximum security for transactions, funds and data is the foundation for building a portfolio of performing and serene assets.

The second step is to implement effective investment strategies in order to generate steady and increasing profits. Our forex strategies guide presents you with the techniques and analyses to be carried out to place targeted orders with proven profitable results. Rather timid or much more aggressive approach, we put forward forex strategies developed by experts who must guarantee you significant gains over the long term.

Our forex trading guide takes you step-by-step through the assimilation of financial instruments (currencies, crypto-currencies, etc.), graphical tools and vocabulary related to trading.

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