Binary options are the most advisable choice to start trading. This type of trading is, in fact, very easy to practice even for novice traders. However, this does not mean that the profits generated are any less important. Today, access to this practice is all the easier thanks to the various features available on the Internet. So how can you learn about this type of stock market investment? Here are the essential points to know:

Binary options: a simple principle

Nowadays, access to the stock markets is no longer reserved exclusively for professionals. Especially since the advent of online trading sites in the early 2000s, all Internet users can open stock market transactions more easily. All they need is an Internet connection, a computer, a tablet or even a smartphone to make investments. With the advent of binary options in 2008, access to stock market investments becomes even easier for individuals.

This type of option is indeed very simple and even individuals with no technical background can invest in the financial products available. Here is the principle: the trader must choose an underlying asset on which he will trade. He must then guess whether the price of this asset will rise or fall before a predetermined maturity date. If his estimate is correct, the trader then earns a premium of up to 700% of his initial bet; but if the asset moves in the opposite direction to his prediction, he loses the money he invested. Binary option brokers offer different types of options that will allow you to vary your trades.

In binary options, investors have a choice of several assets, including Forex currencies, stock market indices such as the CAC40, commodities, shares of international companies and, in some cases, government bonds. The choice is thus particularly wide, which further increases traders’ chances of winning, provided, of course, that they trade on the right asset at the right time. Indeed, although the basic principle of the binary exchange is simple to understand, investments are not made blindly. It is necessary to know a few basic techniques in order to increase your chances of winning. These methods are to be discovered, among others, through trading trainings.

Register for online training

The arrival of online trading is practically revolutionising the world of stock market investments. In addition to facilitating transactions, the existence of specialized sites now allows everyone to learn how to trade binary options with ease. More and more numerous, these websites offer binary stock market training directly via the Internet and require no commitment on the part of traders. Traders simply need to register on the portal by filling out a dedicated form and, once they are members, they have access to all the courses offered. In the majority of cases, documents can be downloaded directly via ebooks, but some portals also offer video tutorials or explanatory articles. Online seminars can also be given by experts and cover different topics for each level of trader.

optionweb school

OptionWeb’s training, OptionWeb School

These online training courses are particularly advantageous for novice investors and save valuable time. Developed by experts, the courses are – for the most part – explained in simple words that are easy to understand even for novices. They can learn, among other things, the definitions of technical terms, the basic functioning of trading, the methods to be known to increase one’s chances, but also the use of trading platforms. Most of these courses are available free of charge, although some portals require payment. Especially for more advanced training, there may be costs associated with the courses.

Online brokers who have trading schools such as OptionWeb can also offer both paid and free courses, depending on the training modules. Additional payments are sometimes required, especially when it comes to more personalized coaching. In all cases, it is strongly advised to find out about the training platforms before joining. Especially for paid courses, it is always necessary to check the reputation of the company.

Getting started without taking risks

Most novice traders are afraid to go straight to the trading platforms. It is true that between the theories learned in training and the actual execution of trades, there is a big difference. To become a real investor, you should first read all the guides we offer, but to become a real investor, you need to dare to take the plunge in order to gain experience. So, in order to allow a good training to these new traders, online brokers offer what is called a demo account. As its name suggests, this is not a real trading account but a fictitious account with which the trader can practice. The account is credited with virtual money, which avoids the risk of real losses. Operating under the same principle as a real trading account, this type of account allows, however, to test the available tools and to put into practice the knowledge acquired during the training courses.

binary option demo account

Depending on the broker’s conditions, access to this demo account may be free or require a first deposit as with OptionWeb. The validity period of the account can also be unlimited or not, depending on the broker’s offers. This being said, experts advise beginners not to spread out their training too long. According to them, the best exercise consists, in fact, in starting directly in real trading, with the risks that this implies. Of course, you should only bet a small amount to begin with. Finally, on this part, you should know that you will be offered a “bonus” at registration! We advise you to read this page to better understand what this offer hides.